Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ode to Platypus

We are all Electrical Beings
some bear the burden well

My eyes can sting from too
much ambiant human current
as it runs across my occipital lobe

Oh! Platypus! as you run charges
not meant for human exposure
and seek food purely on the impulse
from a small errant move in the
body of a crayfish shell you
sing songs of mysterious ambiguation

Platypus is everything that ever was
from ancient waters and low flowering trees
you are still here and the more we try
to discover who you are the less we know

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eat What You Eat

The red squirrel looked at the echidna in disgust. “You eat living beings.” The squirrel raised its nose with distain. “While I only eat seeds and nuts.” The echidna stopped sniffing the ground and looked up at the squirrel. “ I eat what I eat. It tastes good and I go on living.” He thought about it some more and added, “I have no teeth to chew seeds and nuts. My mother gave me my toothless mouth, and she got hers from her mother. Before that I’m not sure.” The echidna slowly pondered because that was all it could manage and said, “I am not disgusted by you. I just eat what I eat, just like you.