Thursday, May 31, 2012

Silver Squirrels

Without you alive, We have a complicated relationship
Guitar, keyboard, multi track console no longer
react to your fine strong musician hands

Just as the Silver New Mexican Squirrel
tries to select a host that is the least toxic
we sought that in each other and tried
to mitigate the poison in our work environment

When you come to me now
as a Ponderosa Pine Loving Squirrel:
It feels to taunt me!

Was it you who stood in the doorway
dressed in Silver Costume?
Was it you who slowly crossed the kitchen tiles?
Was it you who spread the contagious
but necessary spores into my new life?

When my mutation is complete
we will encircle the Gila Forest
pupate in the secret Kiva
adopt Mimbres culture
and slowly return to Being Human

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Glow

trembling from the cool night air
he awoke with a start
confused, his mind started to
reassemble a sense of where he was
a forest surely, and oh yes,
on a walk in the late afternoon heat,
tired, he laid down just to rest
an effortless sleep
followed his slowing mind.

penetrating the darkness
a faint light, a glow
voices quietly chanting
something unfamiliar
something comforting
he rose and stumbled
towards it
he was not alone
small and not-small animals
drawn to this, this, he wasn’t sure
but he did know his soul wouldn’t
be complete without …

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ouija Board

How smooth the hand of God as it
glides across the Ouija Board

13 stood naked that virgin night
clothes ignored near cold feet

They crossed the graveyard in pitch black
running to The Tree
A delicate wrought iron fence encircles it 
ancient by all accounts and
no bigger than the human form

"From her heart it sprang" was whispered
no one knew the rituals origin, just 
that is must be performed 

Yellowed headlights shaft through the forest
scorching full blown milky innocence
scattering the moths burnt by the flame

 ouija     ouija     ouija

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Word Spider

The word spider crept across the page
turning this way, turning that way
looking for the meaning of its existence
and placing one leg down a little too hard
as if stepping on thin ice
cracks spread out in every direction
she did not fall through
but it was more than she could handle
shrinking back to her corner
she pondered what it all meant

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A New Consequence

This is the beginning.

Would this also be the end?