Monday, October 26, 2015

Houdini in Chains

Houdini had been born in a time
when belief in magic was strong and common place
like water to wine
and the mystery of electricity

Handsome and devilishly deft in the ways of human nature
he sought not so much as to trick, as to astound
subtle manipulator, but not enough strength
to escape the binds
of wife and mother

Both laid claims to his body and soul
Mother by birth               Wife by fire
neither one cared to untangle the chains
of female bondage
encircling his heart and mind
with duty and desire

Houdini escaped the obvious magician props:
Those ropes never held
These chains are child's play
The Chinese Water Torture; a gift of life

His mother preceded him in death
but he never escaped his wife
who continued to call his name
and summon his body
until she too reached eternity

Desire always wins out in the end
But Mama got there first