Thursday, August 25, 2011

The X Factor

She was called the "IT Girl"
A Real Jazz Baby
Silent Film Mega Star
A True Beauty

New York 1922 was the place for films
When it shifted to the West Coast
Bow followed
Her first part was a Vivacious Audacious Flapper
It set her career aflame

Her brief 10 years in celluloid
Produced over 60 silent films
The Plastic Age
Dancing Mothers
Daughter of Pleasure
Most of these have been lost or destroyed

Oh but those kisses she gave!
They send still a primal thrill
Lustful Deep
I could watch a film of just her kisses

She quit films when sound came in
Clara Bow did not like the confines of sound
She preferred to emote without the bother of words.
The X Factor aint got nuthin on her

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