Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ham and Cheese

“Come here and look at this.” Muriel shouted. She was definitely peeved about something. I swallowed hard as I approached her desk. “Look at this, can you believe this, someone has put what looks like a ham and cheese sandwich in my shredder and then added a pickle.” “It IS your favorite lunch.“ I added. She did not appreciate that at all. I crept further into dangerous territory, “maybe it slipped off your desk. Is there a diet coke in there and chips?” She picked some of the slobbery mess and flung it at me. I anticipated this and ducked. Gladys who was standing behind me didn’t. She shrieked and soon the whole office came over to see the disaster, all except Arnold who sat at his desk, his back to all this. His chest heaved in spasms of silent laughter.

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