Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Mrs. Lindemeyer sat down at her work table. This is not the famous Mrs. Gladys Lindemeyer that you are undoubtedly thinking of, the one who is known for her dinner parties and her back yard full of dwarf lemon trees, the one who conducts classes in knitting. This is Mrs. Harriet Lindemeyer. She is actually the lesser known sister-in-law. While Gladys knits, Harriet does needlepoint. Gladys has boxes full of unwanted frumpy scarves, while Harriet creates exquisite landscapes of rolling hills complete with cattle, barns, farmers driving tractors. Her work has even been displayed at the American Folk Art Museum in New York. She started this craft when she purchased Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men on EBay. She had been fascinated by the title. It was one of those rare events that happen to a fortunate person when grace drops something in their lap and changes them forever.

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