Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moving on

The blog "In Response To You" as produced my Brian Bielefeld and Tru Dillon will be saying our
Goodbys. We have done this blog since May of 2011. We did not know each other when we started this project. We would write our posts without consultation of each other. Once a month we would get together and do a recap of the months postings. These meetings would be quite lively as we learned what the other had meant or did not mean in their post. We learned how we can as humans assume too much or not enough when not in actual contact with each other.  We would talk about how we felt about each others post and what had prompted us to write our response in the blog.
This project has been a long and interesting journey. Through many emotions and personal situations we have persevered and continued to write to each other. One lesson learned is this: it is difficult to produce a creative work on a timetable. We had it set up so we would try to respond the next day. We did not always meet that mark, but we did create some beautiful works that would otherwise have not been known.
We present this small slice of our time together to you, our readers, and hope you will find some things of worth. To get the most of what this blog has been about, start at the beginning: May 14, 2011 with this first post called,
take your pick

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