Thursday, May 31, 2012

Silver Squirrels

Without you alive, We have a complicated relationship
Guitar, keyboard, multi track console no longer
react to your fine strong musician hands

Just as the Silver New Mexican Squirrel
tries to select a host that is the least toxic
we sought that in each other and tried
to mitigate the poison in our work environment

When you come to me now
as a Ponderosa Pine Loving Squirrel:
It feels to taunt me!

Was it you who stood in the doorway
dressed in Silver Costume?
Was it you who slowly crossed the kitchen tiles?
Was it you who spread the contagious
but necessary spores into my new life?

When my mutation is complete
we will encircle the Gila Forest
pupate in the secret Kiva
adopt Mimbres culture
and slowly return to Being Human

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