Sunday, July 22, 2012

An Alternative Ending

The film sound stage quieted. The director squirms in his seat, as he whispers “action.” Lit on the dark stage, a figure sits in a soft winged chair contemplating a large cigar. His beard is neatly trimmed. His fin de siècle horn-rimmed glasses sets his face off from his comfortable gray flannel suit. Blowing a neat ring of smoke towards a figure reclining on an ornate chaise longue, he clears his throat trying to awaken the snoring actor. He finally casts his imploring gaze towards the director. It has been the thirty-seventh take and it is three thirty in the morning and everyone was very weary. The sleeping actor could not be roused. He was exhausted. Everyone was exhausted. They could go no further. The director gave in. “Cut, It’s a wrap.”

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