Monday, July 25, 2011

On the topic of bees

It happened again. Another dead bee. "Look" he says "a bee." We only notice bees because now they visit our yard one at a time. This bee was hovering around the Jasmin Bush. "Oh" I said "how nice to see one." We admired the bee together. Suddenly the bee makes a loopy almost crash dive and then skims the table we sit at. It appeared to be drunk and flew off to another part of the yard in a wobbly fashion.
My husband moved off to the side yard to attend to some replanting. The same bee flew by him and landed on the cement patch by the back door. "Wow" he says " the bee is over here wandering around on the ground. Bees don't usually walk around like this."
I had been telling him all summer long about all the strange bee behavior and had started a collection of dead bees. I threw them all out as I did not want to become some freaky dead bee collector. And what was I saving them for anyway? Was I going to ship them off to the person in charge of all the recent bee deaths in America? Was I going to officiate at a bee funeral and have a mass grave dug for them?
We left the yard and got on with making dinner. Later I slipped out and went to the last location of the bee. She was there on the ground, dead. I gently picked her up and once again started my dead bee collection.

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