Thursday, June 23, 2011


Louise walked wearily across the parking lot. It was another day of kissing her boss’s very large and needy ass. As she approached her car she saw that something was not right.
“What was all that color about? “
“My god, it’s balloons.”
Thoughts of bosses and asses faded as her mind spun.
“No one else has a key to my car. How did those balloons get in there?”
A yellow smiley face looked back at her and said “Happy Birthday.” She unlocked the car and released half a dozen balloons so she could sit behind the wheel. The smiley face looked down at her as it slowly rose to heaven. The smile said “thank you” as it faded out of sight.
“I have got to go my sister’s. I have got to show her this.”
Her sister was standing on her front lawn as if she was expecting Louise to drive up at that very moment.
“Oh how wonderful, you remembered. Billy will be so happy. He so loves balloons. It was his birthday wish.”
Try as she might, Louise could not close her mouth. She had forgotten that it was Billy’s birthday and she didn’t know he loved balloons all that much.
“But, but I didn’t remember that it was his birthday and these balloons … these balloons … I don’t know what to …”
She lost her function of speech. This was too much.
“Don’t worry, her sister said, it all works out, even if we don’t understand all the details. Now, let’s go in the house and join the party.”

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